NYBPM: Model Components

Highway Network

Highway Network Map

The highway network represents the linkages and characteristics of the street and highway system in order to support estimation of traffic volumes, traffic speeds, and vehicle travel times on individual links of the system plus zone to zone travel times.

The NYBPM model includes: 21.5 million households (28 county model area) 60.2 million trips, nearly 12 trip purposes, 4 time periods, 12 travel modes, and 5,418 times 5,418 multi-class trip tables. Including ramps and centroid connectors, the 2012 Base Year highway network consists of over 97,000 links representing more than 36,000 miles of roadways.

Transit Network

Transit Network Map

The transit network represents the connectivity, headways, speeds, and accessibility of the transit service to support estimation of travel times and passenger volumes. The route system has 7,384 transit routes and 41,997 transit stops.

Model Flowchart

Diagrams the inputs for processing and validating input data