2040 SED Forecasts

2040 SED Forecasts

The 2040 Socioeconomic and Demographic Forecasts were revised at the request of the North Jersey Planning Authority (NJTPA) to replace 2010 New Jersey LED employment data by BLS in the final table. There were no changes to the adopted NY, NJ and CT county-level employment in forecast years. These forecasts were used in the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.

PFAC Resolutions & Tables

The 2040 SED Population and Employment forecasts were adopted by PFAC on September 15, 2011. On January 24, 2013, PFAC adopted adjusted 2040 Employment forecasts.

Resolution 351

PFAC Adoption of Adjusted Regional Consensus Forecast Resolution #351 (PDF)

Revised 2040 Employment Table from Resolution #351 (Excel)

Resolution 333

PFAC Adoption of Regional Consensus Forecasts Resolution #333 (PDF)

2040 Population/Employment Tables (Excel)

Technical Memorandum

Technical Memorandum for 2040 Forecasts Modeling Methodology, Submitted September 2012.

2040 Forecasts Modeling Methodology County/Subregional Level (PDF)

2040 Forecasts Modeling Methodology TAZ Allocation (PDF)