Regional Establishment Survey (RES)

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During 2015 & 2016, NYMTC undertook a Regional Establishment Survey (RES) to understand travel patterns of customers and visitors traveling to and from establishments in a 28-county geographic area in and around the New York metropolitan area.

The RES collected key information from establishments of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. It will contribute data to NYMTC’s New York Best Practice Model (NYBPM), a state-of-the-art travel demand forecasting model for New York region. Results from the RES will complement the Regional Household Travel Survey (RHTS), which captures data of travel patterns of people living in the same 28-county area, and help guide the planning of future transportation projects in the region.


Survey data from the RES will contribute to a better understanding of regional travel behavior. RES will capture travel data at the destination end, which was not captured by the RHTS.

Ultimately, this project will help in the development of federally-required long-range Regional Transportation Plans (the Plan).

If you have questions about the Regional Establishment survey please contact Mike Chiume at or 212-383-7218

Survey Documents

The data set and final report describing the results of the RES project are available for download:  

Final Report
Released in May 2018, the Final RES Report is intended to serve as the primary comprehensive document for general distribution. 
Download Report

Final Data Sets
Microsoft Excel required to perform basic analysis of the data sets.

Core Data Set (8 MB)
Information about how resident (within region) visitors traveled to and from retail, arts\entertainment\recreation, and food service establishments. 

Hotel Data Set (1.6 MB)
Information about how non-residents (out of region) visitors traveled to and from establishments.

Person Count Data Set (75 KB)
This data set contains person counts for the Core Data Set establishments that were surveyed .