Data and Modeling

To better plan for the region's future transportation needs, NYMTC collects, stores, and analyzes data and provides forecasts using its state-of-the-art activity-based travel demand model called the New York Best Practice Model (NYBPM). NYMTC also conducts various surveys that provide information on travel behavior characteristics, which are essential for travel demand modeling and transportation planning in general, and its federally-mandated products in particular.

Transportation Data Statistics
Transportation Data and Statistics

Data collection and analysis supports NYMTC's planning processes, including development of key statistical reports.

New York Best Practice
New York Best Practice Model

The New York Best Practice Model (NYBPM) is a state-of-the-art tool used for travel demand forecasting in the transportation planning process.

Sed Forecasts
Socioeconomic and Demographic Data

SED forecasts are federally-required for long-term analysis and provide necessary data inputs to the NYBPM, the TIP and the long range Plan.

Travel Surveys
Travel Surveys

Travel surveys provide information on travel behavior, which is essential for travel demand modeling and transportation planning.

Transportation Gateway
Transportation Information Gateway (TIG)

The TIG offers an extensive data warehouse to store, access, visualize and download planning data.

Geographic Data Modeling
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS allows spatial data to be visualized, manipulated, analyzed and displayed, enhancing the planning process.