Performance Measures & Targets

Performance Measures

Federal planning regulations define performance measures to indicate how well the regional transportation system is meeting national policy goals and the public's expectations. These measured are central to implementing a performance-based planning process that guides investment decisions. This strategic, structured approach relies on performance measurement to reach decisions that fulfill performance outcomes. 

Performance measures are intended to (a) clarify the definition of the goals (b) monitor and track performance over time (c) provide a reference for target setting (d) provide a basis for supporting policy and investment decisions by comparing alternative options, and (e) allow the ability to assess the effectiveness of projects and strategies.

Development of Performance Measures & Targets

USDOT is implementing the federal PBPP requirements through a number of rulemakings released in several phases. At the conclusion of this rulemaking process, New York State will have twelve months to establish statewide performance targets for the federal performance measures, after which NYMTC will have up to 180 days to establish regional performance targets. Please visit  for a complete set of the performance management final rules. Calculations of targets including use of particular data sources, are specified in each final rule.

Required Performance Measures & Targets


Key Implementation Dates

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