2050 SED Forecasts

2050 Forecasts

Using the agreed upon methodology, forecasts have been developed for use as data inputs for the New York Best Practice Model (NYBPM) and for the next Regional Transportation Plan.

PFAC Adoption of Regional Consensus Forecasts Resolution #2015-2 (PDF)
Tables from Resolution #2015-2 (Excel)
Population Table
Employment Table

Technical Memorandum
Draft 2050 SED Forecast Report
Summaries and Analysis of Existing Trends and Key Factors for Forecasting
Model Methodology
2050 SED County Level Forecasts Results & Analysis

2050 SED County Level Forecasts Results & Analysis-Detailed Excel Tables

Zonal Allocation Methodology

White Paper

A White Paper on the methodology for the 2050 Socioeconomic and Demographic Forecasts describes elements of the proposed methodology which were used to develop the forecasts for the 31 counties in the New York metropolitan region. White Paper on Methodology for 2050 Forecasts →