NYBPM: Network Inputs

Highway Network

The highway network represents the linkages and characteristics of the street and highway system in order to support estimation of traffic volumes, traffic speeds, and vehicle travel times on individual links of the system plus zone to zone travel times.

Highway Network showing traffic flow

The highway network was developed based on existing sources from previous studies, including:

  • Interim Analysis Methods (IAM), TRANPLAN networks for New York counties
  • Long Island Transportation Planning (LTTP) 2000
  • Connecticut DOT highway network for Connecticut counties other than Fairfield
  • New Jersey DOT TRANPLAN network for New Jersey counties

The NYBPM 2010 Base Year highway network which consists of 79,545 links:

  • 18,120 Interstates and Expressways links
  • 35,911 Arterials links
  • 6,756 Locals links
  • 18,758 centroids and external connectors and other links

The network contains attributes to reflect four different time periods:

  • AM peak (6 – 10AM)
  • Midday (10AM – 4PM)
  • PM peak (4 – 8PM)
  • Night (8PM – 6AM)

Transit Network

The transit network represents the connectivity, headways, speeds, and accessibility of the transit service to support estimation of travel times on individual links and passenger volumes on individual transit lines and links. The transit route system integrates the diverse transit services in New York City, Long Island, five upstate New York counties, northern New Jersey, and two counties in Connecticut into a single TransCAD (version 6.0) route system.

Using TransCAD capabilities and customized programs, region-wide transit networks is built and transit skims are obtained to be used as inputs into the travel demand model system.

Transit Network showing zoom in of NYC

The route system has 4,170 transit routes and 44,267 transit stops. It consists of many different types of service, including:

  • 938 Commuter Rail routes
  • 677 Express Bus routes
  • 62 Ferry routes
  • 12 Ferry Bus routes
  • 103 Limited Bus routes
  • 2,142 Local Bus routes
  • 2 RIT
  • 234 Subway routes, and
  • Sidewalk network in Manhattan

The transit network system incorporates walk/drive links for connectivity, park-and-ride lots, walk access/egress links, and fare coding.