Federal Fiscal Years 2023-2027 (FFYs) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for federal fiscal years 2023-2027 has been prepared for NYMTC, which meets the relevant requirements for the federal Metropolitan and Statewide Planning Regulations. These projects are derived from, and consistent with, NYMTC's Regional Transportation Plan.

FFYs 2023-2027 TIP
Adopted by the Council on
October 13, 2022
Adopted 2023-2027 TIP document

Current Transportation Performance Management (TPM) Targets

For additional information on the relationship between the TPM targets and NYMTC’s planning process, please review Appendix A of the TIP or Chapter 3 of the Plan respectively.
Download: TPM Targets workbook ( February 2024 )

Addenda to the Regional Transportation Plan

To assist NYMTC member agencies with meeting funding eligibility requirements, NYMTC has adopted the plans as amendments to Moving Forward.

Resilience Improvement Plan Addendum

The Resilience Improvement Plan Addendum addresses the immediate and long-range planning activities and investments of the metropolitan planning organization with respect to resilience of the surface transportation system. This systemic approach includes a risk-based assessment of vulnerabilities of transportation assets and systems to current and future weather events and natural disasters. It is consistent with and complements the State and local mitigation plans required under section 322 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5165) and meets the requirements of 23 U.S.C 176(e).
Download: Resilience Improvement Plan Addendum (Updated 8.17.23)

Safety Addendum

This Safety Addendum contains the enhancements needed for the existing applicable sections of Moving Forward. As a result, Moving Forward now comprises a comprehensive safety action plan aimed at preventing roadway fatalities and serious injuries in a locality, Tribe, or region, consistent with the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2022 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Discretionary Grant Opportunity.
Download: Safety Addendum

NYMTC Sub-Regional Project Listings Update
Long Island FFYs 2023-2027 Project Listing (June 2024)
Lower Hudson Valley FFYs 2023-2027 Project Listing (June 2024)
New York City FFYs 2023-2027 Project Listing (June 2024)


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A geospatial representation of the TIP and Plan 2050 was prepared in ArcGIS Online.  To view the proposed project listings for NYMTC’s FFYs 2023-2027 Transportation Improvement Program and for additional information on other programs and plan visualizations, click on TIP Visualization Link.

Obligated Projects

Once a project has been programmed on the TIP, funding for each of its phases must then be obligated. The obligation of funds can be thought of as a formal commitment of a specific amount of funds to a project, as opposed to the programming of funds on the TIP, which simply enables their eventual commitment.  Obligation begins the flow of funds to a project.  Projects administered by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are obligated.  Those projects administered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) are awarded through a grant process, which is a different form of obligation. Funding obligation is a critical milestone in the process which eventually implements transportation improvement projects. Federal planning regulations require that NYMTC publish a listing of obligated projects at the conclusion of each FFY, which begin on October 1st and end the following September 30th.
FFY 2023 Annual Listing of Obligated Transportation Improvement Projects

NYMTC 2022 Obligations
NYMTC 2021 Obligations
NYMTC 2020 Obligations
NYMTC 2019 Obligations
NYMTC 2018 Obligations
NYMTC 2017 Obligations
NYMTC 2016 Obligations
NYMTC 2015 Obligations
NYMTC 2014 Obligations
NYMTC 2013 Obligations
NYMTC 2012 Obligations
NYMTC 2011 Obligations
NYMTC 2010 Obligations
NYMTC 2009 Obligations
NYMTC 2008 Obligations
NYMTC 2007 Obligations
NYMTC 2006 Obligations

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ArcGIS Visual listing of Obligated Projects FFY 2023


The listing of obligated and de-obligated projects is visualized on the NYMTC TIP Obligation Map using the ArcGIS online web service. On this web map, projects are shown in different layers based on their status and three types of geographic representation – as points, lines and polygons..

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Per federal requirements, each metropolitan planning organization's TIP in New York State is included in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. The STIP is a statewide list of all projects, or project phases proposed for federal funding, and scheduled to begin in the four federal fiscal years (FFYs) 2023 - 2026 (between December 1, 2022, and September 30, 2025). The most recent STIP for New York State was federally approved on December 23, 2022.  
STIP Project Listings and Information

For a translation of the NYMTC Transportation Improvement Program Overview, visit the Translated Core Products page.

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