Regional Freight Land Use Study

Regional Freight Land Use

NYMTC’s Regional Freight Land Use Study, recommended in its Regional Transportation Plan, collected and analyzed freight and industrial land use data in the NYMTC planning area and larger multi-state metropolitan region. The study used these data to define current, recent, and projected future land use designations and locations of freight businesses. The study assessed potential changes in freight-related and industrial land uses across the region by developing a freight land use “typology” that identifies and describes key categories of freight land use. This typology also identifies examples across the region and describes trends and key issues specific to each category.

The study produced the following technical memoranda:

Literature Review: The project team conducted a literature review of relevant plans, studies, and news articles to understand the state of the practice around freight-oriented land use as well as emerging trends. Task 2 TECH MEMO.

Real Estate Market Analysis: The project team assessed the current mix of land uses related to goods movement in the region. Data covered trends over the past 5-, 10-, and 20-year periods as it was available for the counties in the Metropolitan Area Planning (MAP) Forum region. Task 2.3 TECH MEMO.

Changing Business Models and Development Impacts: The project team identified a selection of trends that are having a material impact, or likely to have significant material impacts on the locations, intensity, and types of land uses that support the movement of goods. They also developed potential future scenarios associated with the potential for a selection of the key trends to develop, accelerate, or change over time. Task 3 TECH MEMO.

The following appendices accompany this technical memorandum:

  • Virtual Focus Group Questions  PDF ➔
  • Virtual Focus Group Responses  EXCEL ➔
  • Virtual Focus Group Responses Analysis  PDF ➔
  • Data for Trends and Scenario  EXCEL ➔

Freight Land Use Typology: This memorandum describes a Freight Land Use Typology, which includes categories that represent freight-related land uses that share common characteristics, including:

  • Category of use
  • Building types (manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment, etc.)
  • Vintage (age of buildings) and size
  • Context (urban, suburban, exurban, rural)
  • Development or redevelopment trend (Is the area newly developing or mature? Is there new development or redevelopment occurring, etc.)
    Task 4 TECH MEMO.