Mobility and Safety Planning

Safe and efficient movement into, out of, and within the NYMTC planning area is critical to the metropolitan region's economic health and quality of life.

Managing traffic congestion within a safe transportation environment enhances air quality and the regional environment, as well as quality of life. Efficient transportation operations improve mobility and mini­mize travel times and travel costs, and they help support a highly competitive regional economy. Along with optimizing the operation of the transportation system, NYMTC members have collectively identified transportation safety and security for the system itself and its users as prime con­cerns of the transportation planning process, recognizing that safety improvements can lead to economic benefits due to reduced transportation incident-related costs and delays.

The NYMTC planning area’s transportation system is extensive and multimodal. Enhancements to the system provide travelers with additional transportation choices in the region and, combined with convenient access and flexible op­tions, are intended to serve commuters and recreational travelers equally and help lead to improved quality of life.

Strategies & Approaches

To better address the complexity of transportation efficiency, safety, and se­curity in the region, Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSM&O) is an emphasis area focused on multimodal, intermodal, and often cross-jurisdictional systems, services, and projects intended to preserve capacity and improve security, safety and reliability. Transportation Systems Management (TSM) and Active Transportation Demand Management (ATDM) strategies, combined with the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and a variety of other strategies support this approach.