Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

Walking and bicycling are among the most energy efficient and environmentally benign forms of transportation in the NYMTC planning area.

NYMTC's members recognize that all travelers, including pedestrians and bicyclists, should have safe access to the transportation system - streets and roadways and public transit. Toward this end, NYMTC programs pedestrian and cycling projects throughout its planning area.

Moving Forward, NYMTC’s current Regional Transportation Plan, includes a Pedestrian and Bicycle Element built around Moving Forward’s Shared Vision for Regional Mobility and six specific objectives to further enhance pedestrian and bicycle systems:

  • Promote safe streets and intersections
  • Improve first and last mile access to transit
  • Invest in improving the integration of the multimodal transit network
  • Encourage walking and biking, transit-oriented development, Complete Streets, parking and curb management, and other long-term sustainable land use strategies that support passenger and goods movement
  • Encourage alternatives to single-occupant vehicle trips
  • Enhance the transportation network’s resiliency by increasing travel options and redundancies

Recommended strategies and actions defined for these objectives include:

  • Improving accessibility to the transportation system for users of all abilities.
  • Prioritizing projects that are aimed at improving ADA compliance of pedestrian facilities.
  • Supporting comprehensive improvements to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.
  • Identifying and inventorying pedestrian and bicycle facility deficiencies and needs near transit stations and heavily used bus stops.
  • Improving first- and last-mile access to transit.
  • Improving the integration of the multimodal transit network.
  • Coordinating with counties and towns to plan pedestrian and bicycle facilities that connect the region.

The Pedestrian-Bicycle Element draws on pedestrian and bicycle planning undertaken by NYMTC’s members in the Lower Hudson Valley, Long Island and New York City.

2018-2045 Pedestrian-Bicycle Plan