Procedures and Agreements

Since NYMTC's inception in 1982, it has been bound by a series of Procedures and Agreements that govern its day-to-day activities and its relationship with other regional organizations. Over the years, these Procedures and Agreements have evolved and grown, both to reflect changing regulations and requirements and to adapt to a changing environment.

compendium of procedure
NYMTC Compendium and MOU

NYMTC's MOU, executed in 1982, and Compendium of Operations, which includes all subsequent operating procedures, govern NYMTC's operations.

map forum of procedure
Metropolitan Area Planning (MAP) Forum

In January 2008, NYMTC and the four other area MPOs signed an MOU to create the Metropolitan Area Planning (MAP) Forum.

consortium of procedure
Sustainable Communities Consortium (SCC) MOA

​The NY-CT Sustainable Communities Consortium was formed with a $3.5 million grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Cooperative Planning Agreement
Joint Cooperative Planning Agreement

Joint Cooperative Planning Agreement includes specific agreements among NYMTC, NY State and public transportation operators.