Language Access Program

NYMTC’s Language Access Program

As a step toward a more inclusive planning process, NYMTC’s Language Access Program provides document translations and language interpreters at public meetings for those who need it. The Language Access Program is a further enhancement to NYMTC’s public involvement efforts to increase the accessibility of information about and input into the regional transportation planning process.

Languages included in the Program

The United States Census identifies the size and proportion of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations in NYMTC’s planning area. LEP populations may have difficulty speaking or reading English and would benefit from translation into another language.

The U.S. Census identifies an LEP population of roughly 2.2 million people in the NYMTC planning area. Over 65% of the total LEP population speaks one of four languages:

  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Russian

NYMTC identifies these four languages as primary LEP languages in NYMTC’s planning area. An additional 54 languages are considered secondary LEP languages.

Geographically Specific Projects and Studies

For geographically specific projects and studies funded by NYMTC, the project team will identify the LEP populations within the project or study area and provide language assistance to those community members. Documents, brochures, signs, handouts, and other public notifications will be translated and made available in the languages most appropriate for a particular geography in the NYMTC region. Language interpretation for public meetings in these identified languages will be provided upon request.

Services of NYMTC’s Language Access Program
  • Translations:
    • NYMTC’s core regional planning products and analyses - Written executive summaries of the core regional planning products and analyses are posted on-line in the four primary LEP Languages (Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Russian), including both drafts and final versions that are released publicly. Translated Core Products
    • All other publicly available NYMTC documents – These can be translated upon request for all secondary LEP languages. Documents can also be translated using the Google Translation website ( – upload your file, then select the language translation pair and select the Translate button.
  • Language interpreters at public meetings can be provided when requested 72 hours prior to the meeting.
  • Real-time oral language assistance can be provided through an on-call translation service.

How do I access Language Access Program services?
Please call 212-383-7200 and someone will be able to assist you. These services are provided free of charge.

For more information:
Link to Appendix 3 – NYMTC Language Access Operating Procedures