Freight Planning: Programs and Projects


Accommodating the anticipated growth in freight movement requires a regional planning approach focused on efficiency and sustainability. NYMTC's member agencies and staff collaborate with a variety of stakeholders in planning for freight transportation in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut-Pennsylvania metropolitan region. NYMTC’s Multi-State Freight Working Group provides a forum for that collaboration.

NYMTC and its member agencies collaborates with various stakeholders in developing a roadmap for improving freight transportation in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region.


How Freight Moves

Trucks carry 88% of all freight into, out of, through, and within the NYMTC region. NYMTC’s Regional Freight Plan identifies ways to increase the mix of rail and waterborne freight and improve the overall movement of all modes of freight transportation in the region.

Clean Freight Corridors Planning Study

Originating from NYMTC’s Plan 2045’s Freight Plan, the Clean Freight Corridors Planning Study assesses opportunities for the designation and development of Clean Freight Corridors within the NYMTC planning area and across several states. The study identifies a series of roadways to best advance high-efficiency, low-emission alternative transportation technologies for all types of vehicles that ship freight. The roadways assessed include high speed traffic highways, local roads that support the connection of two modes of freight, trucking “hubs”, and areas of concentrated goods movement activity.

Regional corridors were analyzed as potential regional locations for fueling and charging infrastructure necessary to support electric and alternative-fueled vehicles. Recommended corridors were determined to have the best potential for accommodating these vehicles, based on current and future vehicle volumes, technology development trends, freight movement, and trip patterns and types.

Additional information on the Clean Freight Corridors Planning Study 

Regional Freight Land Use Study

NYMTC’s Regional Freight Land Use Study, recommended in the current Plan 2045's Regional Freight Plan, is collecting and analyzing freight and industrial land use data in the NYMTC planning area and larger multi-state metropolitan region. The study will use these data to define current, recent, and projected future land use designations and locations of freight businesses. The study is assessing potential changes in freight-related and industrial land uses across the region by developing a freight land use “typology” that identifies and describes key categories of freight land use. This typology also identifies examples across the region and describes trends and key issues specific to each category.

Additional information on the Regional Freight Land Use Study

MAP Forum Coordinated Freight Planning Activities

NYMTC is an active member of the Metropolitan Area Planning (MAP) Forum which is a consortium of 10 Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Councils of Government (COGs) from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania that have entered into an agreement to better coordinate planning activities in the multi-state region. In May 2020, the MAP Forum, in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the New York City Department of Transportation and the New Jersey Department of Transportation, conducted an electronic survey of truck drivers serving the multi-state New York City metropolitan region.

Download the Summary Report:
“Delivering Goods During the Pandemic: A Survey of Truck Drivers Serving the New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut Area"

New York State Freight Network Atlas 1.0

The New York State Freight Web Atlas is an interactive, web-based map includes various freight-related transportation facilities that have been identified to date under the current New York State Freight Transportation Plan development process. The Web Atlas is a work-in-progress that we will update periodically.

Click below for access to the Atlas:
New York State Freight Network Atlas 1.0

Archived Freight Planning Programs and Projects

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