September 11th Memorial Program

See Wong Shum, Charles Lesperance, Ignatius Adanga

The Program provided assistance to students for projects in both academic and public policy arenas as a way to educate and motivate those who are interested in transportation technology and planning. Funded through the UPWP, the September 11th Memorial Program for Regional Transportation Planning is managed through a partnership with the University Transportation Research Center (UTRC). 

The September 11th Memorial Program was announced on November 18, 2004, during ceremonies to commemorate the return of NYMTC’s headquarters to lower Manhattan.

Participation in Program

The Academic Initiative began on January 2005. Now entering its tenth year, more than 30 students  have participated in the Initiative. The Planning Initiative launched in February 2005, and through the first five years, three planning projects were completed.

Recipients and Projects

Read more about the participating students and their projects on the UTRC website

Program Goals

Details on the two Program Initiatives: Academic and Planning.
Program Goals

5-Year Retrospective

A five-year retrospective of the September 11th Memorial Program for Regional Transportation Planning.
A five-year retrospective 


Biographies and reflections