Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP or Plan) is a federally-required planning product that lays out the region’s long-term transportation needs and desires over a minimum 20-year time frame. 

Updated every four years, the Plan is a blueprint that helps guide federal funding of investments in the NYMTC planning area based on Council members’ vision for the region and is developed collaboratively with members, agencies, other stakeholders and the public.  The Plan covers all modes of surface transportation from a regional perspective including highways, streets, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, goods movement and special needs transportation. In addition, it addresses key transportation activities such as operations and management of the transportation system, safety, security and regional finances.

Draft Plan 2045

A Draft Plan 2045: Maintaining the Vision for a Sustainable Region has been developed and is now out for public comments.

Plan 2040

Plan 2040 includes the NYMTC members’ vision for the 10 county planning area and lays out the long-range framework for maintaining and improving the region’s transportation system: its roads, bridges, freight and mass transit facilities, and its bicycle and pedestrian networks. It identifies the transportation improvement concepts, projects and policy recommendations that will address the region’s long-term growth challenges and needs – an initial step to bringing federal transportation dollars into the area. The Plan includes forecasts of the region’s population, jobs, housing, commuting patterns, and land use; how anticipated growth can be addressed through projects, proposals and studies; and how these can be financed over the life of the Plan. 

Plan 2040 highlights the need for developing sustainable transportation and land-use projects, supporting the equitable development of regional growth, and outlines how NYMTC intends to accomplish this through the Shared Vision without compromising future generations to meet their needs.

Plan Development

NYMTC's Regional Transportation Plans are developed using input provided by a broad range of key stakeholders, along with NYMTC members and staff. The public involvement process includes traditional opportunities to provide input along with in-person Open House meetings throughout the region and a web-based component that brings in numerous comments and suggestions from around the region, and beyond. The public involvement and participation was vital to making this picture of the future as accurate as possible. 23 CFR part §450.322 requires development of a transportation plan addressing no less than a 20-year planning horizon year.


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