TPM Resolutions

TPM Resolutions

Resolution 522 (6/17/2021)
Amending the Public Transit Agency Safety Plan section of Chapter 4 (System Performance Report) of Plan 2045

Resolution 512 (12/17/2020)
Resolution revising NYMTC's major projects procedures.

Resolution 499 (2/13/2020)
Supporting the NYS 2020 Safety Performance Targets under the TPM Requirements.

Resolution 487 (5/16/2019)
Addendum to Joint Performance Management Agreement to Support Urbanized Area Performance-Based Planning And Programming

Resolution 484 (2/14/2019)
Supporting the NYS 2019 Safety Performance Targets under the TPM Requirements

Resolution 479 (10/18/2018)
Resolution supporting the statewide amended Level of Travel Time Reliability (LOTTR) performance targets.

Resolution 472 (9/20/2018)
Resolution Setting Urbanized Targets and Supporting Statewide Performance Targets Related to Asset Management Conditions and Systems Performance and Adopting the Council’s CMAQ Performance Report.

Resolution 464 (5/24/2018)
Resolution 464 of May 24, 2018 adopting the Performance Management Agreement between NYTMC, NYSDOT and public transportation providers in the NYMTC planning area, per the Metropolitan Planning Regulations 23 CFR 450.314(h)(1).

Resolution 458 (1/18/2018)
Supporting Safety Performance Targets under the TPM Requirements