Plan 2045: Maintaining the Vision for a Sustainable Region

PLAN 2017 cov

Plan 2045 shows how NYMTC member agencies will help sustain and encourage the region’s economic growth through the preservation and enhancement of the transportation system. Plan 2045 is built around the shared vision of the members, recognizing the critical linkages and interrelationships between the regional transportation system, land use and the economy. 



The Plan is available as a full document, or broken down into Chapters, Appendices, and an Executive Summary.

Resolution 460 (1/18/18)

Amendments to Plan 2045 financial analysis to accommodate changes in the costs of some Transportation Improvement (TIP) projects, and change of information in Table 7.2 of Chapter 7 of the Plan.
Resolution 460

Resolution 455 (11/16/17)

Amendments to add technical corrections to Plan 2045 and the 2017 CMP Status Report.
Resolution 455

Resolution 454 (11/16/17)

Amendments to add the Riverside Drive Bridge at West 158th Street in Manhattan and the Shore Road Bridge over Hutchinson River in the Bronx to the fiscally-constrained element of Plan 2045 as major projects and a project concept, the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) Extension to Newark Liberty International Airport, to the vision element of Plan 2045.
Resolution 454

Council Resolution 2017-5 (6/29/17)

Council resolution adopting the 2018-2045 Regional Transportation Plan
(Plan 2045).
Resolution 2017-5

PFAC Resolution 449 (6/27/17)

Resolution recommending to the Council, the adoption of the 2018-2045 Regional Transportation Plan (Plan 2045).
Resolution 449

Plan 2045 Change Log

Plan 2045 Change Log
Replacement of Table A2.15

Plan 2045

Plan 2045 Executive Summary
Plan 2045
Plan 2045 Appendices

Plan 2045 Chapters

For ease of use, the Plan is broken down into individual chapters.
Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Planning Process and Shared Vision
Chapter 2: Forecasting and Trends
Chapter 3: The Transportation System
Chapter 4: Transportation Performance Management
Chapter 5: Transportation System Management & Operations
Chapter 6: Major System Improvements & Actions
Chapter 7: Financing the Plan
Chapter 8: Additional Planning Considerations


Plan 2045 Appendices provide supporting documents and information.
Appendix 1: Recommended Projects-Improvements-Studies
Appendix 2: Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan
Appendix 3: Socioeconomic & Demographic Forecasts
Appendix 4: Environmental Justice & Assessment of the Planning Process
Appendix 5: Environmental Mitigation & New Consultation
Appendix 6: Coordinated Public Transit -Human-Services Transportation Plan
Appendix 7: Public Outreach & Participation
Appendix 8: Regional Freight Plan 2018-2045
Appendix 9: Major Enhancement Projects
Appendix 10: Financial Plan Documentation
Appendix 11: Coordinated Development Emphasis Areas


For a translation of the Plan 2045 Executive Summary, visit the Translated Core Products page.