NYMTC Performance Targets

Establishment of Targets by the MPO

23 CFR 490.105 (f)(3)

Target establishment options. For each performance measure identified in paragraph (c) of this section, except the CMAQ Traffic Congestion measures in paragraph (f)(5) of this section, and MPOs meeting the criteria under paragraph (f)(6)(iii) of this section for Total Emissions Reduction measure, the MPOs shall establish targets by either:

  • (i) Agreeing to plan and program projects so that they contribute toward the accomplishment of the relevant State DOT target for that performance measure; or
  • (ii) Committing to a quantifiable target for that performance measure for their metropolitan planning area.
Targets for the NYMTC Planning Area


NYMTC was required to establish Safety targets by February 27, 2018.  The Council chose to support the State’s targets as described in Option (i) above, adoption the appropriate resolution to do so. See the appropriate resolution in the “Resolutions” section of this page.


Targets for other performance measures will shown here when they are finalized based on the regulations.