NYBPM User Group

The group meets twice a year to discuss various model related issues in the region. The NYBPM is being used in the region for conformity analysis for TIP and RTP, Major Investment Studies and other corridor and project level studies.

Active Participants

The User Group meetings are convened on a quarterly basis and they are open to anyone who is interested in attending. 

User Group Main Functions
  • Experience in the running of NYBPM, sharing its various problems and coming up with viable solutions
  • How to improve the model by using NYBPM Users members’ suggestions
  • Keep a log file in tracking and sharing the problem with the users group
  • Support each other in resolving issues
  • Keep track of new releases of NYBPM version and its pros and cons with the model
  • Keep track of how the NYBPM model is performing outside NYMTC
  • As a forum for regional model coordination
  • Keep track of protocols for NYBPM adaptation and re-calibration sub-regional/corridor studies

Upcoming Meetings

There are no meetings scheduled at this time. Please check back.