Clean Freight Corridors Study

Originating from NYMTC’s current Plan 2045's Freight Plan, the Clean Freight Corridors Planning Study assesses opportunities for the designation and development of Clean Freight Corridors within the NYMTC planning area and across several states. The study is identifying a series of roadways to best advance high-efficiency, low-emission alternative transportation technologies for all types of vehicles that ship freight. The roadways to be assessed include high speed traffic highways, local roads that support the connection of two modes of freight, trucking “hubs”, and areas of concentrated goods movement activity.

Regional corridors are being analyzed as potential regional locations for the fueling and charging infrastructure necessary to support electric and alternative-fueled vehicles. Recommended corridors will have the best potential for accommodating these vehicles, based on current and future vehicle volumes, technology development trends, freight movement, and trip patterns and types. A series of workshops with key stakeholder groups will be scheduled during the summer of 2021.