Regional Freight Report

  • 405 million tons of freight moves through the NYMTC region annually
  • Freight tonnage is expected to rise by 46% through 2040
  • Trucks carry 91% of freight into, out of and through and within the NYMTC region
  • 46.46 million tons of freight moved between the NYMTC region and Northern New Jersey, making that region NYMTC’s largest trading partner by tonnage.
Jobs Cargo and Facilities

Of the more then 5 million private-sector jobs in the region, 1.4 million or almost 24% are in freight-intensive industries.

JFK is the leading U.S. freight gateway by value of shipments, and handles approximately 65 percent of the New York and New Jersey Region’s air cargo, with international cargo representing approximately 70 percent of the that amount. JFK ranked 7th among U.S. airports in terms of air cargo weight handled in 2011 and 19th among airports worldwide.

The Port of New York and New Jersey is the largest container port on the U.S. East Coast, and third-largest in the United States behind Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Interim Freight Report (2007)

Modal and Other Subreports

These modal or subreports focus in more detail on the various modes that either individually or together handle freight.

Freight Villages Market Analysis
Truck Trips Analysis Summary
Industry-Specific Logistics
Resource Scan Summary
Highway Network
Rail Network
Ports & Waterborne Network
Air Cargo Network
Intermodal Network

Commodity Flow Analysis

Solid Waste Flows