Coordinated Public Transit Funding Programs - Archive

Under SAFETEA-LU, the previous federal transportation legislation, JARC and New Freedom projects were requried to be guided by a Coordinated Public-Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan that was requried as a condition to access

programs offered by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). NYMTC adopted an incremental update of its Coordinated Plan on September 4, 2013 to incorporate changes under MAP-21.

Changes under MAP-21

​Funding for persons with disabilities is absorbed into the renamed Enhanced 5310. Projects must continue to be derived from a locally developed Coordinated Plan, however, the competitive selection process is now optional.


Designed for welfare recipients and low income individuals to travel to job opportunities, training & other employment-related services.

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New Freedom

Helped fund new public transportation services and public transportation alternatives beyond those required by the ADA. Now Enhanced 5310.

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Provided 80% funding for buses for not-for-profit organizations that serve the elderly and persons with disabilities.

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