2020-2024 TIP and Plan 2050 Visualization

Visualizing the Transportation Improvement Program and Plan 2050

Welcome to the visual representation of the project listings proposed for NYMTC’s FFYs 2020-2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The visualization was prepared using ArcGIS Online to help you find projects in your area quickly, and to simplify public outreach. The TIP is a prioritized five-year capital program that identifies all proposed federally funded transportation improvement projects in the ten counties of the NYMTC region for federal fiscal years 2020 through 2024. These improvements cover various transportation modes and facilities, including roadways and bridges, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, transit equipment and services, safety improvements and demand management programs. Some locally-funded projects that are in the TIP were also included in the map. To view projects in your area, click on the + or – keys on the map to zoom in. Projects that cannot be demonstrated geo-spatially are not shown here.  VIEW MAP →

Visualizing the Transportation Improvement Program and Plan 2050 on Mobile Devices

For mobile device users, a version of the TIP and Plan 2050 projects data is available for Android and iOS devices. To view the web map service, users will need to enable the location settings upon accessing the TIP and Plan 2050 link.  VIEW MAP →