Plan 2045 Revisions

To ensure that Plan 2045 remains a “living”/working document, it is revised through amendments and administrative modifications as changes occur in the financial analysis, and/or new information on projects, policy, and other analytical components become available. These amendments and administrative modifications are listed below.

System Performance Report

Report on baseline condition/performance and progress toward achieving performance targets. As required, this report has been included in Plan 2045 Chapter 4 .
RTP Chapter 4

Resolution 471 (8/9/18)

Amendment to the constrained element of Plan 2045 to include the balance of the Hudson Tunnel Project.
Resolution 471

Resolution 465 (5/24/18)

Amendment to Plan 2045 vision element to add two project concepts proposed by NYSDOT and NYCDOT respectively.
Resolution 465

Resolution 462 (4/12/18)

Amendment to add the Hudson Yards Concrete Casing, Section 3, to the fiscally-constrained element of Plan 2045.
Resolution 462

Resolution 460 (1/18/18)

Amendments to Plan 2045 financial analysis to accommodate changes in the costs of some Transportation Improvement (TIP) projects, and change of information in Table 7.2 of Chapter 7 of the Plan.
Resolution 460

Resolution 455 (11/16/17)

Amendments to add technical corrections to Plan 2045 and the 2017 CMP Status Report.
Resolution 455

Resolution 454 (11/16/17)

Amendments to add the Riverside Drive Bridge at West 158th Street in Manhattan and the Shore Road Bridge over Hutchinson River in the Bronx to the fiscally-constrained element of Plan 2045 as major projects and a project concept, the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) Extension to Newark Liberty International Airport, to the vision element of Plan 2045.
Resolution 454

Council Resolution 2017-5 (6/29/17)

Council resolution adopting the 2018-2045 Regional Transportation Plan
(Plan 2045).
Resolution 2017-5

PFAC Resolution 449 (6/27/17)

Resolution recommending to the Council, the adoption of the 2018-2045 Regional Transportation Plan (Plan 2045).
Resolution 449