Draft 2017 Congestion Management Process Status Report

CMP 2017 cov

The CMP, a federally mandated program for all regions with populations greater than 200,000, establishes an objective set of performance measures to define and quantify transportation system congestion. It includes a toolbox of strategies to address congestion; a methodology to evaluate and prioritize congestion-reducing projects and strategies; and a mechanism to periodically assess the effectiveness of implemented strategies. In order to fulfill federal requirements, NYMTC produces a Congestion Management Process Status Report every four years in conjunction with the release of its Regional Transportation Plan. NYMTC issued its first CMP report in 2005, and reports have been issued every four years.

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Draft 2017 CMP Status Report

NYMTC’s Draft 2017 CMP Status Report contains model-based estimates of current traffic congestion, and forecasts of future congestion in NYMTC’s planning area. It also includes specific performance measures which reflect the amount, severity and general locations of traffic congestion.

Draft Digest for 2017 Status Report

Summary of the report

Complete Draft 2017 Status Report

Full document plus appendices

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