Hudson River Valley Greenway Link

The study developed a conceptual approach to a phased plan for establishing a link between the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway in northern Manhattan and the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail in southwest Yonkers. The final report was released in 2014. 


The study was built around specific, community-endorsed goals for developing the Greenway link, including:

  • Providing a continuous route that links communities across the region and provides access to important trip generators and bring trail users closer to nature;
  • Improving mobility and safety for cyclists and pedestrians in the corridor so that they become feasible alternatives to motorized travel;
  • Where possible, identifying routes that are both efficient for transportation and pleasant for recreational use;
  • Providing direct interregional connections for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Providing improved public access to areas of architectural, historical, natural, cultural and artistic significance;
  • Creating an Implementation Strategy; Increase public access to and enjoyment of the waterfront; and
  • Providing unified design guidelines to ensure design consistency across all segments of the route.


The Greenway Link plan and conceptual designs address several significant barriers and constraints in the study area, including:

  • Crossing the Harlem River ship canal to connect Manhattan and the Bronx;
  • Overcoming difficult topographical challenges to waterfront access in the Bronx; and
  • Dealing with physical facilities along the waterfront in the Bronx and Yonkers.

Significant and substantial public input guided the process, and shaped the final draft report and recommendations.

Interim Products

The study's interim products induced a literature review, gap analysis, research, data collection, workshops and alternatives analysis.

Task 2 Final Report - Literature Review
Task 3 Tech Memo - Gap Analysis
Task 4 Final Report - Research
Task 5 Final Report - Workshop 1
Task 5 Final Report - Workshop 2
Task 6 Final Report
Task 6 Tech Memo - Data Collection Plan
Task 6 Tech Memo - Data Collection Summary
Task 7 Final Draft - Alternatives Analysis

Final Report

The study's final report includes an addendum, based on additional community outreach and input, and Preferred Routes Report.

Addendum to Conceptual Design
Hudson River Valley Greenway Link Preferred Routes report