Hub Bound Travel

The Hub Bound Travel annual document presents a detailed analysis of travel to and from the Manhattan Central Business District (CBD) both by person and by vehicle. The Hub, or CBD, is defined as that portion of Manhattan lying south of 60th Street. The data are collected on a typical fall business weekday.

The sectors shown in the tables (60th Street, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey) are strictly the entry and exit points in the Hub bound survey and are not necessarily the actual origins or destinations of trips.

2017 Hub Bound Travel

2017 Hub Bound Excel Tables

2016 Hub Bound Travel

2016 Hub Bound Excel Tables
2016 Hub Bound Travel Data

2015 Hub Bound Travel

2015 Hub Bound Excel Tables
2015 Hub Bound Travel Data

2014 Hub Bound Travel

2014 Hub Bound Excel Tables
2014 Hub Bound Travel Data


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