2055 SED Forecasts

2055 Forecasts

Using the agreed upon methodology, forecasts have been developed for use as data inputs for the New York Best Practice Model (NYBPM) and for the next Regional Transportation Plan. They provide a base for all project-level analysis and a common analytical framework for environmental and technical analysis.


2055 SED Forecasts
Executive Summary +
Public Comments


NYMTC_2055SED Forecast_Presentation

2055 SED Forecast
Overview Presentation

PFAC Resolution

October 22, 2020: PFAC adopts the horizon year 2055 socioeconomic and demographic forecasts as presented in the attached tables and directs their use in the development of all NYMTC's required planning products and analyses.

Resolution 509
Adoption of Horizon Year 2055 Socioeconomic and Demographic Forecasts

Resolution 509 Tables (excel)
2055 SED Forecasts Population and Employment

Technical Memorandum


Technical Memo 1:
Existing Trends Analysis


Technical Memo 2:
Baseline Model Update


Technical Memo 3.1:
Draft Employment, Population, Labor Force