Other SED Forecasts

Organizations throughout the region make use of SED forecasts, including at the local, regional and national levels.


In 2014, the U.S. Census Bureau produced national projections of resident population by age, sex, race, Hispanic origin, and nativity based on July 1, 2013 population estimates. The Census Bureau used a cohort component approach with assumptions about births, deaths, and net international migration.



NYMTC coordinates with regional agencies and entities to develop forecasts that provide a common foundation for transportation planning. Cornell University’s Program on Applied Demographics works closely with the U.S. Census Bureau, the New York State Department of Labor, and other organizations to gain insight into what might happen in the future if the future looks like the past. Population projections are available for every county in New York by age and sex.



The 2040 forecasts were approved by the NJTPA Board on September 10, 2013 and are used to guide the transportation planning and investment decisions in Northern New Jersey. The forecasts provide a basis for transportation studies throughout the region.



In December 2013, NYCDCP released population projections by age and sex at five-year intervals. Population is projected for each of the city’s five boroughs from 2010 to 2040.