The Complete Plan

Moving Forward is organized into chapters and appendices that convey the results of discussions and analyses during the Plan's development.

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  1. The elected and appointed officials who make up NYMTC recognize that mobility—the ability of people and goods to move easily and safely to, from, and between locations—is crucial to the lives of everyone who lives, works, or visits the NYMTC planning area. Therefore, we aspire to (1) ensure that the mobility provided reaches everyone in a sustainable, healthy, and equitable manner; (2) invest efficiently for these transportation needs; and (3) respond effectively to the transportation challenges of tomorrow. The Vision and Goals, Guiding Principles, and Objectives described in this chapter were employed throughout the Moving Forward planning process.

  2. Federal legislation and related planning regulations require MPOs to produce a long-range regional transportation plan, a five-year transportation improvement program, and an annual unified planning work program. Moving Forward is the regional transportation plan for fiscal years 2022-2050 for the NYMTC planning area. Moving Forward includes forecasts of future conditions and needs and potential transportation improvements, as well as a shared strategic vision for transportation and development within the NYMTC planning area. NYMTC's Shared Vision for Regional Mobility, which guides Moving Forward, is built from a framework of its members and advisers' strategic goals; associated objectives; and related projects, programs, and studies.

  3. The System Performance Report is an element of Moving Forward that evaluates the condition and performance of the transportation system, sets performance targets, and reports on current progress in meeting the targets. In addition, the Systems Performance Report included in this chapter addresses: highway safety, bridge and pavement, system performance, transit asset management, and transit safety performance assessments and targets.

  4. This chapter describes the five Vision Goals and their objectives in detail. Relevant trends and conditions are analyzed for each goal, and related existing programmatic initiatives are described. Additionally, short- and medium-term strategies and actions for each goal and its objectives are recommended.

  5. Moving Forward encompasses activities related to the federally supported transportation system, including operations and maintenance of the system; the life-cycle replacement, refurbishment, rehabilitation, reconditioning, or reconstruction of components of the system; and extensions and/or improvements to the existing transportation system or new segments or services added to the transportation system to improve capacity and/or throughput. Moving Forward's financial chapter describes the estimated costs for these activities and anticipated sources of revenues to cover the costs.