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The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) sincerely hopes that you and your friends and family members are staying healthy during these difficult times. During this time of social distancing, we wanted to share with you what our agency is working on with its members to keep our transportation system funded and functioning.

As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for New York City, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley, NYMTC provides a collaborative planning forum to address transportation-related issues, develop regional plans and make decisions on the use of federal transportation funds for its planning area. Visit www.nymtc.org/ABOUT-US to learn more!

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NYMTC’s Response to COVID-19

Given the unprecedented public health emergency that has arisen around the COVID-19 outbreak, NYMTC has converted to remote operations for its staff and the related staffs of its member agencies. Despite this, NYMTC is operating as an organization and its members are fulfilling important emergency roles related to their responsibilities as agencies. Below are a few examples of NYMTC’s continuing activities in this challenging time:



Annual Meeting: Rockland County Executive Ed Day confirmed as Co-chair of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) at its 2020 Annual Meeting

During the February 27, 2020 meeting, which was held at the CUNY Graduate Center, NYMTC council members elected Rockland County Executive Ed Day as Co-chair for the 2020-2021 term. Previously, NYCDOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg served as NYMTC’s Co-chair. Commissioner Trottenberg was recognized by the NYMTC council for her service. The New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner is NYMTC’s permanent Co-chair.


Project Spotlight: Route 59 Study Update

The Route 59 Area Transportation & Land Use Study, which is federally financed through NYMTC’s Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), is identifying and evaluating transportation and development issues and future improvement scenarios in the Route 59 corridor in Rockland County. The area surrounding Route 59 includes a mix of land uses, with large retail centers as well as commercial and residential sites and a significant walking presence. 



Census Announcement

Every 10 years since 1790, the census has played a critical role in determining each state’s representation in Congress, and the distribution of more than $650 billion in federal funding for vital programs like public education, affordable housing, roads and bridges, and much more. Knowing how, and where, the NYMTC region is growing plays a role in preparing for the future.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to your region! There are a number of ways you can continue to learn more about transportation events and investments occurring within the NYMTC region. Here is how you can stay involved.

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