Staff Distinguished Career Awards
Three NYMTC staff members were honored by NYS Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez and presented with Distinguished Career Awards in recognition of their careers of excellent public service.


Jan Khan
During his 27 years at NYMTC, Jan Khan has helped shape regional transportation planning that extends over a period from 1997 through horizon year 2050. With humble and steady leadership, Jan has steered the development of the past four Regional Transportation Plans with integrity, reliability, and earnest consensus building.


Chris Hardej
During his 28 years with NYMTC, Chris Hardej has earned respect among his staff, peers, and senior managers and has served as a role model in fostering collaboration and building consensus. Chris’ fingerprints can be found throughout the program management process and his contributions have benefited NYMTC’s staff and the region’s transportation system.


Chris Rodrigues-Moore
Throughout her 42 years of service with NYSDOT and NYMTC, Chris Rodrigues-Moore has modeled goodness in the workplace. For more than four decades, Chris has brought her positive energy and can-do spirit to support the Department. Since joining the “NYMTC family” 23 years ago, Chris’ leadership and stability have been the heart of the agency.

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