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Former Students’ Reflections

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" When submitting my application to the September 11th Memorial Program, I viewed the prospect of an internship at NYMTC as a unique opportunity to achieve intellectual and professional self-growth. The 10th anniversary of September 11th took place during my first couple of weeks at NYMTC, and it is apropos to be reflecting upon the transformative experience of my internship as we approach the 20th anniversary.

My work at NYMTC advanced my career in transportation planning in profound ways, for instance by imparting a nuanced appreciation of longstanding and emerging infrastructure needs in the region. Building upon my prior work in the region for Nassau County and the Regional Plan Association, my NYMTC internship jumpstarted my career advancement for years to come, including my ongoing professional development at WSP, my two terms as President of the American Planning Association New York Metro Chapter, and my inclusion in the City & State 2020 NYC 40 under 40.

I will forever feel grateful to the UTRC Region 2, NYMTC Central Staff (most notably my mentors Jan Khan and Gerry Bogacz) and member agencies, and the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation for offering me ” the opportunity to participate in the prestigious September 11th Memorial Program to honor the memories of Ignatius Adanga, Charles Lesperance, and See Wong Shum.

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"Participating in the NYMTC September 11th Memorial Program while attending my master’s studies in Urban Sustainability at CCNY was a great experience for my career and academic development. My project focused on a community planning initiative to improve public involvement that allowed me to learn about how MPOs work and transportation planning. This opportunity allowed me to investigate NYMTC’s communities and stakeholders in the suburban areas, enhanced my knowledge of public involvement and strengthened my data management skills. The funding I received helped me to cover my school expenses and professional development activities. "

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