The 2010/2011 Regional Household Travel Survey (RHTS)

The 2010-2011 Regional Household Travel Survey (RHTS) was sponsored by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) and the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA). The RHTS was a comprehensive study of the demographic and travel behavior characteristics of residents within 28 counties of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The purpose of the RHTS was to obtain household travel data to update NYMTC’s travel demand model, the New York Best Practice Model (NYBPM). The survey data provides new information on travel and mobility patterns, and will enable updates for state and regional travel demand models and ultimately assist transportation professionals and decision makers in better understanding the needs of the traveling public. In total, 143,925 linked trips were derived from 18,965 households and 43,558 participants, including a sub–sample of 1,930 households whose members provided travel data using wearable global positioning system (GPS) devices. The GPS sample was used to assess the magnitude and pattern of under-reporting of travel in the diary-based portion of the survey, and estimate correction factors that can be applied to more fully account for travel in the full sample.


Public Use Data Set Files (Data disclaimer page)


Basic demographic information about each of the 18,965 households participating in the travel survey.


Demographic information about each of the 43,558 participants in the survey effort.


Vehicle information for each of the 29,043 household vehicles reported during the RHTS.


Information about each of the 231,715 unique places visited during assigned respondent weekday travel days.


Unlinked trip or individual trip segment information, where either the From or To place may include a Change in Mode of travel (e.g. bus stop, train station, Park N’ Ride facility, etc.) for 188,199 trip segments.


Linked trip information for 143,925 linked trips, where the From place represents a trip Origin and the To place a trip Destination. For trips involving multiple modes, an “aggregate” Trip Mode is defined, based on a prescribed hierarchy of modes (the decreasing order of hierarchy of modes is as follows: (1) School Bus, (2) Taxi, (3) Commuter Rail, (4) Express Bus, (5) Subway, LRT, Tram, PATH, Ferry, (6) Other Bus, (7) Local Bus, (8) HOV, (9) SOV, (10) Bike, (11) Walk, (12) Air Train or Other.


List of Reports

Data User's Manual
(Data Dictionary)

The RHTS Data User’s Manual is created for the users of the data set. It describes the variables in each file and provides instructions for proper application of data weights.

Final Report

The General Final Report is intended to serve as the primary RHTS comprehensive document for general distribution. It will be coming soon by the end of fall.