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Freight Transportation Working Group Activities

You’re invited to participate in NYMTC’s regional freight planning activities – we welcome your comments and suggestions. By working with you, civic groups, business associations and other public agencies, NYMTC wants to improve freight transportation for the present and the future in our region.

Freight Transportation Working Group

The Freight Transportation Working Group was established to expand and enhance the freight planning process in the NYMTC region to meet the needs of shippers, receivers, and ultimately the general population through less congested roads, less pollution, and less expensive products and services.

The Freight Transportation Working Group seeks to accomplish this by:

  1. Informing the general public and local decision makers about the importance of freight transportation to the region.
  2. Establishing and overseeing a coordinated, cooperative and continuing freight planning process which uses the region's many and varied resources.
  3. Initiating a coordinated data collection effort which meets the needs of the Council for its three major products: Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the needs of the region's shippers, producers and general public.

The Freight Transportation Working Group is composed of the Council’s members, freight providers and receivers and their associations, other interested transportation agencies, business associations, neighboring metropolitan planning organizations (MPO) in the Tri-State region, interested parties such as civic groups, advocacy groups, and representatives of elected officials.

FTWG Activities include meetings where current freight issues and projects are discussed, along with presentation updates from MPO Principals activities.

Freight topics and issues:

    • Regional Freight Plan
    • Freight Mobility
    • Freight Growth and Social-Economic Changes
    • Multi-Modal Freight Transportation: Truck, Rail, Air Cargo, Maritime
    • Financing Freight
    • Public-Private Partnership on Freight
    • Logistic Operations and Freight
    • Freight Infrastructure
    • Freight-related Congestion
    • Environmental Impacts of Freight
    • Freight and Communities
    • Regional Freight Model
    • Other Freight-related Topics

How you can learn more:
You can subscribe NYMTC Notes and join the FTWG contact list.