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NYMTC’s 2014-2040 Regional Transportation Plan, entitled  A Shared Vision for a Sustainable Region, was adopted on September 4, 2013. It includes the NYMTC members’ vision for the planning area and lays out the long-range framework for maintaining and improving the region’s transportation system: its roads, bridges, freight and mass transit facilities, and its bicycle and pedestrian networks. It identifies the transportation improvement concepts, projects and policy recommendations that will address the region’s long-term growth challenges and needs – an initial step to bringing federal transportation dollars into the area. The Plan includes forecasts of the region’s population, jobs, housing, commuting patterns and land use; how anticipated growth can be addressed through projects, proposals and studies; and how these can be financed over the life of the Plan.

The Plan 2040 was developed using input provided by a broad range of key stakeholders, along with NYMTC members and staff. The public involvement process included traditional opportunities to provide input along with in person Open House meetings throughout the region and a web-based component that brought in numerous comments and suggestions from around the region, and beyond. This public involvement and participation were vital to making this picture of the future as accurate as possible. 

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RTP Plan 2040 Full Document
PDFicon RTP Plan 2040 Full Document (27.5 MB)
PDFicon RTP Plan 2040 Appendices (55.4 MB)
PDFicon RTP Plan 2040 Executive Summary (4.36 MB)

RTP Plan 2040 Chapters and Appendices
PDFicon Cover and Table of Contents (2 MB)
PDFicon Chapter 1
The Shared Vision
(7 MB)

Chapter 2
Creating a Sustainable Future:
Forecasting and Trends
(3.2 MB)

Revisions to Chapter 2
PDFicon Chapter 2 Section 5: Resiliency and Climate Adaptation Strategies
PDFicon Chapter 3
The Transportation System
(6.8 MB)
PDFicon Chapter 4
Transportation System Operations & Management
(5.2 MB)
PDFicon Chapter 5
System Improvements & Actions
(4.36 MB)
PDFicon Chapter 6
Financing Plan 2040
(8.6 MB)
PDFicon Chapter 7
Additional Planning Considerations (8.7 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 1
Maps & Lists of Projects, Proposals & Studies
(9.4 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 2
Pedestrians & Bicycles
(9.1 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 3
Socioeconomic & Demographic forecasts
& the New York Best Practice Model
(4.2 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 4
Environmental Justice & Title VI
(13.1 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 5
Environmental Mitigation & New Consultation
(18.5 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 6
Coordinated Public transit-Human Services
Transportation Plan
(2.6 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 7
Public Outreach & Participation
(1.6 MB)

Appendix 8
Regional Freight Plan Update:
Interim Plan Summary Report
(5.6 MB)

These modal or subreports focus in more detail on the various modes that either individually or together handle freight. One of these reports, Commodity Flow, reports on the type, amount and destination and origins of the freight
PDFicon Resource Scan Summary
PDFicon Highway Network
PDFicon Rail Network
PDFicon Ports and Waterborne Network
PDFicon Air Cargo Network
PDFicon Intermodal Network
PDFicon Commodity Flow Analysis
PDFicon Solid Waste Flows
PDFicon Appendix 9
Major Highways & Bridge Projects
(1.59 MB)
PDFicon Appendix 10
Financial Plan Support Documentation
(3.15 MB)

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Projects in Plan 2040 have been mapped in Google Earth for visualization purposes, and may be accessed by clicking here


Plan 2040 Amendments
PDFicon Resolution 380 of 1-23-2014
Amendment to Plan 2040’s financial analysis to accommodate changes in the costs of some Transportation Improvement (TIP) projects

Resolution 382 of April 17, 2014
Amendment to Plan 2040’s financial analysis to accommodate changes in the costs of some Transportation Improvement (TIP) projects, and change of project information in Table 3, Chapter 6.


Resolution 383 of June 19, 2014
Amendments to Plan 2040 (i) financial analysis to accommodate changes in the costs of some Transportation Improvement (TIP) projects, and change of project information in Table 3, Chapter 6 (ii) amendment to Chapter 2, Section 5 “Resiliency & Climate Adaptation Strategies, ” and (iii) amendment to Appendix 9 “Major Projects”

2010-2035 Regional Transportation Plan Website

RTP2010 cover


A proposed amendment to the 2010-2035 Regional Transportation Plan (the Plan), which presents long-range needs, issues and choices to guide the regional planning process. The amendment proposes to include the Tappan Zee Hudson River Crossing Project in the fiscally-constrained element of the 2010-2035 Plan. This project has been included in the regional emissions analysis contained in the draft Transportation Conformity Determination. 


A project description and financial summary to be inserted into the Major Projects section of the Plan

PDFicon NYMTC RTP-Major project description
PDFicon TZHRC Financial Summary
RTP-Conformity Final clean

Revised tables to be inserted into the Long-Range Financial Assessment section of the Plan

PDFicon 2010-2035 Resources 9-27-12
PDFicon 2010-2035 Expenditures 9-27-12
PDFicon 2010-2035 Balance 9-27-12


Download 2010-2035 Regional Transportation Plan
PDFicon 2010-2035 Regional Transportation Plan (13.8 MB)
PDFicon A Summary of all 2010-2035 Regional Transportation Plan Amendments (74 KB)
PDFicon Selected 2010-2035 RTP Tables as of 9-27-12 (25 KB)
PDFicon Current Lists of Projects, Proposals and Studies from the 2010-2035 Regional Transportation Plan (2.8 MB)